You’re a sucker for space, but your room looks either too small or too crammed with big stuff. Here are ways you can let in more air, and have some space to play suwe.

Maximise the Space Under Your Bed

Now I know that some beds are not designed with enough space underneath, but there are still beds constructed with the ulterior motive of serving as a hideaway closet. Get one of those. Now is the time to get those drawers that you roll under your bed.

Organise Your Drawer Like A Pro

Instead of bags upon bags of clothes and accessories you might be better off with a well-arranged drawer. Not only do they give your room a better appearance, they save loads of space for you, especially if your drawer has a lot of layers.

Use Double-Duty Furniture In Your Bedroom 

Rather than a table, consider using cabinets. You will have more space in your smart-looking room to play.

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Build a Fold-Away Desk

Ever used these before? Gift yourself a work table that doubles as a book cabinet. Oh, it even triples as chalkboard when you close it. You have more space in your room, and your books aren’t even visible.

Hang Some Wire Baskets on the Closet Door to Store Accessories

Purses, wallets, scarves and all those small things you tend to squeeze into your closets. These wire baskets are just the perfect thing to stop those inconveniences.

Build Some Floating Bookshelves To Best Utilize Narrow Spaces

When the books are not in use, these bookshelves just close right back on the wall.

Construct a Mounted Shoe Rack That’s Perfect for Organising Heels

Rather than spread the shoes all over the floor, this option of storing the shoes on the wall gives your room some more space for walking around, and your shoes can breathe better too.

Invest In a Duffle Bag That Turns Into a Portable Closet

Another thing you want to consider getting is this duffle bag, if you don’t own one already. It’s quite popular, but don’t underestimate its usefulness. It can double as a closet when you’re on the go.

Make a Mirror That Can Also Hold Keys and Accessories

Rather than tables, this is it.

Mount a power strip container underneath your desk to eliminate floor clutter.

We all know how crammed the floor can get sometimes in the name of extension sockets and chargers. This power strip container you can mount right under your desk takes this problem away.

The options are limitless. You deserve a wider playing space, so begin adjusting your bedroom already!

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