Your home should give you a certain level of peace and comfort that does not make stepping out a necessity, which is why certain rooms in your home that serve significant purposes are a must have.

If you are looking to rent, buy or build a home, this article will give you more information on the five types of essential rooms you should have in your home to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Living Room

You need a super comfy spot to watch your favourite tv shows, have good company and spend time with the family. The living room is the right room for all of these. It is the central hub of a home that instantly creates an impression about the whole house.

Another word for it is “sitting room”.

Living Room


We are all familiar with the bedroom because It is a place we spend a good amount of our time at home. It can be located just about anywhere in the home. Some have their bedrooms on the first-floor others on the second and some others on both floors. The biggest bedroom in a house is called the master bedroom.
      This is the part of the house where you can lay down and relax after a long day. So, it should be cozy, comfortable and tidy.



This is an important room in the house where you shower and freshen up daily. The bathroom is a place where you are usually alone and free to express yourself, make faces at the mirror or just simply admire yourself , sing as loud as you can while taking a warm bath. A bathroom is usually built next to bedrooms or attached to each bedroom in the house (an en-suite bathroom). 



A house is not complete without a place to whip up some amazing meals. A kitchen is a place you make food in the house for yourself or the entire family.
A very small kitchen is called a kitchenette.

Most kitchens are located on the first floor of the house, close to the dining area. 


Dining Room

A room reserved mainly for eating is important in a home. It is a good opportunity for the family to bond because food brings people together.
The dining should be located close to the kitchen for easy access.


These rooms are of great importance in the home because when there are basic rooms designated for specific purposes , the home is more organised and welcoming. So, if you are looking to get a home soon, look out for these essential rooms to guide your choice.


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