Christmas is upon us, already!

While it’s a time to make merry, it’s also a time to ensure safety. Our kids will be up and about in no time and it’s our duty to ensure their safety. Here are 8 smart ways you can do this.

Ring Stick-Up Camera

The ring stick-up camera is our favourite. Watch over your kids not just while you’re under the same roof with them, but also while you’re on the go. The ring stick-up camera can be put up in strategic locations, and without any special installations. You can view these locations from your phone or PC. So imagine, from your office you’re able to monitor your kids playing catch with their cousins by the poolside. Cool right?

Increased Gate and Fence Security

Make it more difficult for burglars to come through. Ideally, your fence or gate should be made of metals, rather than of wood, and it should be really high. Put a lock in two places on the gate if possible.

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Smart Video Doorbell

Do you know it’s possible to see and speak with your visitor even if you’re not at home? Oh yeah. Gift your house a smart video doorbell that lets you see who’s at your door, listen to and speak with them. Think about how you can ask the delivery guy to show what’s in his bag, and even tell him where to keep it, and all this while you’re miles away from your home!

Windows and Door Locks

Tighten security in these areas. Burglars are known to invade your home through vulnerable areas in your homes, like weak doors and windows. Ensure your kids’ safety by making these places a no-no for intruders.

Facial Recognition Camera

This camera comes with a face recognition technology, and can capture your visitors’ face from far and near, so you know who is approaching your home.

Digital Door Lock

Gift your home a digital door lock that opens only through passwords or fingerprints registered in the lock.

Smart Alarm

Smart alarms will go off when hideous motion is detected around your house.

Motion Detector Light

This feature lights up as soon as motion is detected around your house. It can be installed in your back or front yard, and is useful especially in the dark.

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There are lots of other features you can install in your home to keep your kids safe this festive period, but these are basic. Ensure you do the much you can. Here’s wishing you a glorious Christmas ahead!

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