What’s a home without aesthetics?

Everyone loves a beautiful space. Unfortunately not everyone knows that there are really affordable ways to beautify your space, whether it’s a small apartment, a large home, or your bathroom. Curious to know what these affordable ways are? Let’s get on to business.

Paint An Accent Wall

An accent wall is the one that’s painted a different colour from the rest in the room, especially a room where all the colours are painted a single flat tone. If it’s in your bedroom, you might want to use the wall at the head of your bed as your accent wall. It’s just one wall, and you can even paint it yourself! You can experiment with designs too.

Declutter Your Space

Have you noticed that spacious rooms look more attractive? Yes? So what are those things in the sides and corners of your home that look old and worn out and you probably won’t be needing them in the next couple of decades? Throw them out please. Or put them up for clearance sales.

Hang Framed Pictures

Framed pictures don’t require you breaking the bank, but they can greatly transform a room. You can place them at a strategic position, like where people can easily see them when they come into the room, or walk by the corridor. They can also be placed alongside other framed pictures, so that you have something that looks like a gallery.

Use Faux Plants

You’d be surprised at how affordable faux plants, or artificial flowers, are. Style them on a beautiful stand or in a handcrafted pot and watch your space acquire a face lift.

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Buy A Woven Basket

Woven baskets are crazy affordable. They’re beautiful, they give a room this special feel, and they’re just the perfect place to store small items that are hanging about the room.

Hang A New Mirror Over Your Bathroom Cabinet Or Sink

This will spruce up your old bathroom quicker than you can imagine. You can get a nice new one, or you can shop for cute vintage pieces online.

Rearrange Your Room

It’s a zero-cost method, but it’s really effective in giving your space a new, beautiful look. All you require are creativity, some strength, and some time. What you can do? Try organizing your furniture in a new layout.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinet

Just like painting an accent wall, changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets will give it it a new look. You can also paint the floors!

Give An Old Table New Life

You may have a dining table that’s been around for a while. Assuming it’s black, how about you paint the ends of the table in gold, or red? There’s a lot of magic a fresh coat of paint can perform you know?

Get a slipcover for your sofa

So you don’t really have to replace the whole sofa. Simply getting new slipcovers for your sofas can give your space a brand new look.

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Are any of these tips something you can do soon? Don’t procrastinate then; get to it right away.

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