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Common Types of Houses in Nigeria

Shelter is one basic human need apart from food and clothing. That is the reason houses are of great importance . Houses are basically meant to provide protection from various changes in weather i.e., sun, wind, heat, cold, rain etc and a certain degree of comfort. There are different types of houses dependent on preferences, financial capacity and environmental factors. Different countries have types of houses that are peculiar to them and Nigeria is no exception. This article sheds more light on the popular house types in Nigeria that would suit your preferences and budget . Here are some of the common types of houses you can find in Nigeria:

1.Semi-detached house

A semi-detached house is a single family duplex dwelling house that shares a common wall with the next house.. Often, semi-detached houses are built as pairs in which each house’s layout is a mirror image of the other’s. A semi-detached house is one of two identical houses built as one but left to right and then right to left; joined down the middle by a parting wall. This is a very thick wall so that noises do not carry from the interior of one house to its counterpart. Both these houses have separate gardens front and back with a dividing wall or fence.

2.Detached house

A detached house is simply a single family unit that stands on its own and is not joined to any other house i.e it does not share a common wall with any other structure. This kind of house gives you more privacy and outdoor space . Detached features a certain degree of luxury and comfort and are usually associated with the upper-middle class.

3.Terrace house
These are lines of houses, which are identical and are placed directly next each other built with shared walls between them. They usually have uniform fronts and uniform heights, mostly found in estates, communities or some housing units.Modern terraced houses are two- or three-storey buildings, which can stand separately or as a row of buildings with shared walls. They are specifically designed to accommodate as many people as possible in densely populated regions. Furthermore, terrace houses are usually more affordable than detached and semi-detached houses. They are one of the most popular types of dwelling in Lagos, Nigeria.

4. Tenement house
A tenement house refers to a house that is built with the rooms facing each other and that accounts for why it is commonly referred to as “face me I face I face you”. The rooms are built in two rows , one to the left and another to the right and the number of rooms on both sides are equal. Numerous occupants share bathrooms and kitchens thus leading to a lack of privacy. It is typically a rundown place and can be found in poor neighbourhoods .

A bungalow is a small house or cottage that is either single-storey or has a second storey built into a sloping roof, and may be surrounded by wide verandas.Bungalows are typically small in size and square footage and distinguished by dormer windows.
Bungalows are cost efficient , easy to maintain and relatively easy to modify.They were originally created to provide decent and affordable housing for the working class. They are suitable for the elderly who can not go through the stress climbing staircases and also for people with disabilities. They are one of the most common types of house in Nigeria.

6.Block of flats
A large building that has several or many apartments stacked on top and next to each other.. Each apartment unit has its own separate living space .The popularity of flats has increased in Nigeria,over the years as the population has become more urban in nature. Due to the space saving advantages of building vertically, flats are frequently much cheaper to buy or rent than other home types.

A duplex is a type of house that has two living units attached together. These two units are either placed side by side or stacked on top each other. This type of house seems like a single-family home from the exterior but it’s actually a multi-family home because it features two separate living spaces. It is more economical to build due to its spacing quality. It is mostly found in big cities with higher demand in housing.

A penthouse is a luxury apartment on the top floor of a tall building . It could be referred to as the mansions of apartments. It possesses distinctive luxury features and access to a clearer view of the environment that other apartments do not have .

This is the most luxurious type of dwelling you can find in Nigeria. A mansion has at least two floors connected by internal stairs, it also features several bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious living room, dining room, area for relaxation, and a backyard. Mansion owners often have gyms and swimming pools. A mansion always looks impressive and is associated with wealth, class and taste. Real estate agents classify mansions as houses of minimum 5,000 to 8,000 square feet. This is not just a house that provides basic shelter but one that gives maximum relaxation and entertainment. A mansion is expected to have massive leisure space , entertainment facilities, great aesthetics and outstanding finishes. Mansions are usually owned by an iconic figure or an extremely wealthy person. They are usually located in highbrow areas.

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