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Our open house event is coming up really soon! And to help you prepare for this, we have put together a visual representation of how to make this house feel like your home using several decor inspirations. Designing a house space takes a lot of money, time and effort which is why we  at Joe Etoniru and associates try to reduce the stress by providing different options best fit for the space. We have highlighted specific parts of the house with decor that can be applied in other parts as well. The house is a luxury five bedroom duplex with an indoor cinema and motion censored lights voice controlled by Alexa. Has a well fitted kitchen with heat extractor, fridge, oven, microwave and gas cookers. Also comes with inbuilt speakers, fitted ACs, fitted wardrobes and solar panels.

As a guide, the images with our Joe Etoniru logo is an actual picture of the house while the surrounding images are decor inspirations for you.

House Entrance

Mirrors are one way to make your home feel welcoming as it gives the illusion of a bigger, wider space as well as relaxes your guest. Add lights and flowers or plants to this with smaller pieces of decor and you have created a noteworthy home entrance. It is also useful for last minute outfit checks when leaving the home or for that perfect instagram worthy mirror picture.

Living room

This is the focal point of your home and so you would want to make this space look and feel luxurious in every way while still remaining practical. For a big living space, choose furnitures capable of taking up a good amount of space without making the room too clustered. Choose similar colour tones throughout the room and stick with it to maintain that luxury appeal. Accentuate your tv unit with lights and minimal decor (not too distracting but interesting enough) to bring it to life.

Living room side

Slightly off the living room, this is another space that should not be overlooked. An abstract shelving unit such as this calls for art pieces, collectibles etc. This is a chance to show off your interests  in a seamless way. Are you a lover of gold art, or vinyl covers? Here is a chance to show it off and get your guests asking all the right questions while you joyfully talk away your passions.



Not just another passage to other parts of the home. The hallway is a great space for hanging favourite works of art and/or mirrors (you can never have too much mirrors at home). You could even have a piano stand sitting at the end of the hallway for those evening where all you want to hear are soft melodies, have your guests try it out as well.


Pay great attention to where the meals are made. Having a perfect kitchen cannot be overemphasised. The kitchen can be made to look like a work of art and  not just a place for boiling and frying. You could use minimal furnitures around the island to make it an ideal snacking space or heavy/decorative seats to make it more of a dinning area. Low hanging lights above the Island always does the trick to add that bit of luxuriousness. And not to forget the plants in minimal vases and pots around the kitchen to give it  a natural ambience. Keep the windows open to allow ample light as well as to create a more spacious atmosphere. 

Master Bedroom

The bedroom of all bedrooms. You want the theme throughout this room to be modern, sleek and consistent. This room can come to life using different styles from dark to light and neutral tones. A large bedroom space gives room for added furniture such as a lounge table and chairs/sofa, long standing lamps and even a mini fridge area to quench those late night thirsts. A wide variety of ideas can be implemented here but remember to keep  it all consistent and and avoid overcrowding the space.

Master Bathroom

Plants are one sure way to bring life into a bathroom in a practical way, be it real or artificial. For a spacious bathroom ,a large vase filled with green plants  can be used to create a natural and fresh atmosphere within the bathroom. Smaller decor and items like candles can also be used as long as it kept away from water areas.



Allow ample light come into your bedroom however possible, It not only gives you the illusion of  a bigger space but also makes the room seem more breathable. Your bedroom is your safe space so make it airy, light and very functional. Clean, simple and minimal decor helps to keep the space light enough while allowing a lot of things stay within the room. Place your bed by the window, it gives you a fresh outlook to life every morning. If you decide to go a bit heavy with the decor, try to stick to the theme already implemented in other parts of the room. Avoid dark curtains and linens as they can make the space seem smaller.


All images from Pinterest





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