So you just got a new home and sure as daybreak, you’re excited. Who wouldn’t be? The excitement of changing environment is infectious even. It’s a good thing you’re happy, and very soon you’d need to move your family and luggage to the new place.

But then here are some moving hacks you definitely want to look out for so your excitement is not short lived. Ready? Let’s go.

Manage Pre-Moving Smartly

Especially if you’re hiring professional movers. It’s definitely a good idea to hire moving experts. They can provide you with trucks and hands-on movers and great expertise that you will need for your fragile properties. Bear in mind though that you have a part to play if you want a smart move. If there are things you wouldn’t like your movers to see or touch, take care of them before move day. Items such as pictures and clothes you treasure should be kept well before the move day so it doesn’t end in tears.

Take Care of Extra Services before the Move

Moving clients sometimes make the mistake of believing they can jump into action on the day of moving and make all things beautiful. It’s very unrealistic, especially if you have a lot of home utilities that need dismantling. Moving experts at Move Smart, a major moving company in Lagos, say that heavy home utilities such as air conditioners, fridge, television, inverters and the like are better moved a day before. Why is that? It is simply to enable smooth hauling of other things and time management on the main day of moving. I mean, you definitely want a stress-free move don’t you? So do your movers.

Pack an Essentials Box

Sounds like basic knowledge, but it can save you a lot of stress. Usually moving requires some time to pack and unpack, and you should have things like clothing, bath towels, food, plastic cutlery, etc all packed up already so you don’t have to fret during the move, and before everything is unpacked and rearranged in your new space.

Do Proper Research on Your Movers

Save yourself the stress of having bad movers mess up your things. Do your research before hiring your movers to prevent bad stories. You can ask your neighbours or friends who have moved previously to refer their movers to you, if they can vouch for their expertise and customer service.

P.S; If you need to move within or outside Lagos-Nigeria, we recommend Move Smart. Move Smart is an off-shoot of Joe Etoniru and Associates, and we have been in business for over 5 years with a spotless record. Need a number to contact? Call Bola on 08166792537.

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