Love is not only better expressed, but better felt, when it is shown towards someone from whom you can expect nothing in return. 

Yesterday on my way home from work, I passed by a beggar who was crippled to the extent that he walked on his stomach. In response to an inner nudge, I gave him a healthy cash gift. I didn’t have so much. As I walked on I felt a lift in my spirit. On entering the bus going home I greeted the driver with unusual cheerfulness and asked after his day as he asked after mine. He had my transport fare returned to me!

The beautiful thing about being kind is that it creates an unending ripple effect. Kindness makes the world a better place, and ultimately you are happy.

Here are a few random acts of kindness you can show as you leave your home:

Allow that guy merge into traffic with a wave – and a smile!

This is Nigeria, and traffic is part of life. Okay maybe that’s taking it too far, but if you live in Lagos you’ll be accustomed to this fact already.

Today as you worm your way through the traffic, resist the urge to beat Lagos drivers at their own game. A wave and a smile would make a world of difference to the driver almost in front of you. And oh, it could even make the driver show same kindness to another driver.

Send an uplifting text to a friend

It doesn’t cost so much, and it would do your relationship a whole world of good.

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Compliment a driver on how well they parked

Brightening someone’s day with a compliment this simple is not only possible, it’s also really effective.

Find out something new about a co-worker

Do they have kids? Their hobbies? What side hustle do they run that you can patronise? Are they single parents? When you ask you’d be surprised to find that there’s a lot you don’t know about your colleague at work.

Asking questions would bring you closer to them and ultimately improve your relationship.

Write down someone’s best qualities

Everyone loves to be appreciated.

Write down qualities you admire in someone you know. It will lift their spirit, boost their self-confidence, and even make them trust your judgements more.

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Be kind to your server

Waiters sometimes have to tolerate unkind attitude from customers, even when they go through tough times.

Your kind attitude, and tips (depending on the law in your area) will definitely make them work with more enthusiasm. You’ll be putting a smile on someone’s face as well.


Reliving beautiful memories with a cherished partner is everything. Try it out on the go.

Have a judgement free day

Many people keep judging themselves for stuff they can’t help. Don’t add to their stress list. Be kind and keep your opinion to yourself if you can’t help.

Be spontaneous

There’s a lot of off-the-top kindness ideas that come when you’re not even thinking of being kind. Be kind on the go.


Today’s world has gotten everyone so busy that it’s usually not the first thought on your mind to stop and put a smile on someone’s face.

But then it’s not hard. The smallest acts of kindness could change someone’s perception about life.

If you’re reading this on the 13th of November, Happy World Kindness Day.

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