According to our recent polls on Instagram, 89% of Nigerians would rather have low power supply, so far they’re in dry land.

If you’re a realtor, or you’ve ever been involved in closing a property deal, what is one of the first questions you’re usually asked by clients?

 ‘’Does this place flood?’’

The obvious thing you’d want to do is say no, but we all know that bad drainage systems seem to be a part of our culture in Nigeria. However, some areas are more bearable than others.

While it may sound amazing that anyone would pick flood in Nigeria, there is also the possibility that this percentage work from home and so would not need to step out often. They could even decide to stay home all through the rainy seasons.

Flooding in Nigeria is a big deal, and no homeowner wants to be caught up in a situation where they would have to hold their hearts in their hands while plying the roads during the rainy seasons.

If you live in Nigeria, we’d like to know what you think too. Which would be easier for you to bear? Flood or lack of electricity? Drop your answer in the comment box.

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