Tired of waking up to a featureless and disordered bedroom? Now is the time to flip the coin and give it that cozy and elegant feel. Here are some key tips you need to give that bedroom a face-lift.

  1. Light it up 
    The right lighting gives a room an  instant transformation. A dark room or one with dim lights can make the room feel choked up and smaller. So,it is important to get ceiling lights and bedside lamps bright enough to read your favourite books and also brighten up your bedroom.
a well lit bedroom

2. Get your paint brush
A fresh coat of paint will instantly transform your bedroom from a boring space to a total eye candy. It is advisable to use warm and natural colours like grey ,white, light blue  or black for the painting  to make the room feel relaxing and refreshing. Bright colors like orange, red or yellow should be avoided.

A freshly painted room

3. Change your bedding

What’s a bedroom without a bed? The bed is the center of attraction in the bedroom. So, it definitely deserves special attention. Incorporating clean white bedding  gives the room a clean and exotic look.

 You could choose  from a variety of bedding to suit your taste.

clean white sheets

4. Opt for a unique bed frame

A unique bed frame might just be what you need to transform a boring room to something exquisite and appealing. There are varieties of stylish bed frames to choose from. The image below can help you make a great choice.

a unique bed frame

5. Add a pop of colour

A nicely arranged group of pillows of different colours to accessorize your bed is sure to give the bedroom a new look. This creates a sense of comfort and gives your bedroom a beautiful  look. However, you should avoid using too many pillows  so as not to ruin the effect.

colourful pillows

Add a plush rug for comfort

Get a nice plush area rug to spread right in front of your bed, so it will be the first surface you step on when you wake up. This can instantly make the bedroom feel  cozier and look more attractive .

a soft bedroom rug

 A cozy and beautiful bedroom feels more welcoming and comfortable. You will always be happy to retire to bed when your bedroom looks and feels amazing.Try these simple tips and watch your bedroom totally transform to a lovely and relaxing space. 

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